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Library Policies

Here are the "Rules of the road" for the RSU Library staff and patrons.

Public Access computer

1. Computer use is limited to ONE HOUR from the time written on the sign in sheet at the front desk. If no one else is in line for the computer at the end of that hour you may have an extension. However, if another patron needs the computer, you will be asked to log out.

2. The public access computer is a service the RSU Library provides in its capacity as a government documents depository, and is intended for members of the public who are researching government information or completing government forms such as FAFSA.

3. Patrons using this computer for purposes unrelated to government documents may be asked to leave. The Will Rogers Public Library is located at 1515 N Florence Ave and provides numerous computers that are open to the public.

2. Please do not save files or download programs to this computer, as any saved items will be deleted. We encourage emailing documents to yourself or using a USB flash drive.

3. Patrons can print documents on the attached printer. However, please keep in mind the price of toner and paper and print sparingly.

4. All patrons are required to comply with OneNet’s Acceptable Use Policy, which specifically prohibits accessing or transmitting "threatening, obscene or harassing materials". A full version of the OneNet acceptable use policy can be accessed at ANY PATRON VIEWING OR UPLOADING PROHIBITED MATERIALS WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE LIBRARY IMMEDIATELY.