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Library Policies

Here are the "Rules of the road" for the RSU Library staff and patrons.

Group Study Rooms

Rooms 303 and 207 are available for reservation by RSU students, faculty and staff.  Please contact the front desk on the second floor of the library to make a reservation either by asking in person or by calling (918)343-7716.

  • Please note that library instruction and existing reservations will take priority when it comes to the use of these rooms.
  • Due to the limited availability of rooms capable of accommodating larger groups, reservations for room 303 and room 207 are granted only to groups of three or more.  Additionally, for this same reason, we do not allow back to back reservations by members of the same group.
  • Reservations may be made per group for up to 3 hours at a time.  However, if at the end of a 3-hour reservation no one else has requested the room or placed a reservation, then the group may come to the library front desk on the second floor to request a one-time extension to their original reservation by up to 3 additional hours.
  • Recurring reservations may only be made for up to three weeks at a time.  Long term reservation requests will be considered for approval on a case by case basis.
  • Reservations for the rooms will not be made to groups for activities that are likely to disturb regular library functions.
  • Equipment for use in the facility must be scheduled in advance and must be used by a qualified operator.
  • Each group is responsible for ensuring its program is in compliance with all applicable state and federal statutes (i.e., Open Meeting Act, ADA).
  • The booking group is responsible for:
    1. Arranging the room to meet its needs.
    2. Returning the room to its original arrangement.
    3. Leaving the room in a neat, clean, and orderly condition.
  • Special permission is necessary if you want outside refreshments.  Sodexo is the provider of food and drink for meetings and arrangements will need to be made through them.
  • Pursuant to Oklahoma law, smoking is not allowed anywhere in the library. Alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted anywhere in the library.
  • Reservations will be forfeited after 15 minutes in the event of a no-show. At that time, the room will be made available for others to use.

Individuals are welcome to use room 303 if available, however group study will take priority for the room and you may be asked to relocate.

The library reserves the right to refuse the use of meeting rooms to any group that violates any of the above regulations. Also, the use of the facility by any organization does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of that organization’s policies or beliefs.

Individual / Small Group Study Rooms

The library has 5 small group / individual study rooms on the second floor, and 2 more on the third floor.  These seven smaller study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and are for RSU student, faculty, or staff use only.