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Government Documents Introduction

RSU Library's guide to resources and information published by the federal government and the government of the state of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Documents Classification System


 The Oklahoma Publications Clearinghouse (OPC) classification system (sometimes referred to as OKDocs) uses an alphanumeric arrangement of letters to designate agencies and numbers to indicate the type of publication.  It was designed to group related agencies together and to make shelving and locating Oklahoma documents simpler. 

An OPC call number example is below for a document from the Arts Council of Oklahoma:

A  3100                                        .1                                               L357H                                               2002-2004
Arts Council Oklahoma              Form division                             Cutter number                                  Year          


Below are prefixes from the Oklahoma Documents Classification System for other departments/agencies: 

                                                            A 1100-1140          Agriculture, Food, and Forestry
                                                            C 3900-3970          Commerce, business development
                                                            E 1800-2135           Education
                                                            H 800-1195            Health and Health facilities
                                                            H 3000                  Human Services
                                                            L   400                  Labor
                                                            L 1300-1335          Legislature


Shelving Note: Book-size Oklahoma documents are shelved in regular library shelving using Library of Congress Classification call numbers.  Magazines and newsletters are shelved alphabetically in periodical shelving on the third floor, smaller documents are shelved by OPC classification in file cabinets on the second floor of the west side of the library.