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Government Documents Introduction

RSU Library's guide to resources and information published by the federal government and the government of the state of Oklahoma.

Superintendent of Documents Classification system

Understanding SuDoc Classification Numbers

The Superintendent of Documents uses an alpha/numeric classification system which assigns a SuDoc number to each publication.  This system classifies each document by an institutional author (Congress or a government department, agency or commission), not by subject.  Within an agency or department, publications are grouped according to the subordinate organization. 

The purpose of this system is to uniquely identify, logically relate, and physically arrange each publication so that all publications of a single agency or department may be found together.

The example below shows how the number C 61.48:999 is constructed for the publication U.S. Industry and Trade Outlook:


C                                       61.                                                             48:                                         999
Commerce Dept.               International Trade Adminstration            Title                                      Year of publication
(agency)                            (bureau within agency)                             number                                 (1999)


Below are prefixes from the Superintendent of Documents classification numbers for some other department/agencies that you may be interested in:

                                                          A                               Agriculture Department
                                                          AE                             National Archives and Records Administration
C.3                            Census Bureau (Commerce Dept.)
                                                          D                               Defense Department
                                                          E                               Energy Department
                                                          ED                             Education Department
                                                          EP                             Environmental Protection Agency
                                                          FT                             Federal Trade Commission
HE                             Health and Human Services Department
                                                          HH                             Housing and Urban Development Department
                                                          HS                             Department of Homeland Security
                                                          I                                 Interior Department
                                                          J                                Justice Department
                                                          JU                              Judiciary (Courts of the U.S.)
                                                          L                                Labor Department
                                                          LC                              Library of Congress
                                                          NAS                           National Aeronautics and Space Administration
                                                          Pr                              Office of the President
                                                          S                                State Department
                                                          SBA                           Small Business Administration
                                                          SE                              Securities and Exchange Commission
                                                          SI                               Smithsonian Institution
                                                          T 22.                           Internal Revenue Service (Treasury Dept.)
                                                          TD                              Transportation Department
                                                          VA                              Veterans' Administration
                                                          X, Y                            Congress