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For Faculty & Staff

What is a library liaison?

Each academic department or program at RSU has a designated liaison librarian who serves as the first point of contact for any library-related questions or services. RSU Libraries' goals include maintaining regular communication with academic departments and programs, building effective working relationships between library staff and faculty in support of teaching, learning and research, and improving library services. Liaison services cover three main areas.


Collection Development

Purchase relevant materials with assigned funds.

Manage requests and suggestions for purchase of materials from faculty and staff.

Maintain collections in assigned areas for relevance and use. 



Offer both foundational and subject-specific library instruction classes.

Conduct student research consultations for departmental courses and majors.

Participate in instructional professional development activities.

Create subject and course guides to assist with research.



Maintain regular communication with departmental faculty and staff.

Promote library support to the university community.

Stay familiar with scholarly communications & research trends within assigned areas.

Provide research support to departmental faculty.

Collaborate with the university community on events.