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Intellectual Property

A guide to understanding the different types of Intellectual Property (Copyright, Patents, Trademarks, Trade Secrets)

How to Use This Guide

This guide has been designed for everyone in the Rogers State University community to use.

  • Numerous definitions and links have been provided to clarify and connect users with more in-depth resources to answer their questions.
  • The subject areas of this guide have been broken down into sections that can be referenced individually or as a group. Larger topics have been separated with their own tabs (ex, The TEACH Act). 
  • The term Copyright is often used incorrectly as a blanket term for all aspects of Intellectual Property. However, Copyright is actually just one type of Intellectual Property. This guide helps to make this distinction by addressing Copyright within the context of other types of Intellectual Property. 
*NOTE* This guide should not be taken as a substitution for legal advice, but as a guide for understanding the basic tenants of intellectual property.