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First Year Experience: UNIV 1152

This guide is designed to introduce new students to RSU Libraries and the research process. The required library module for UNIV 1152 is also housed here.

Why Cite?

Whenever you use someone else's words (direct quotation) or put their ideas into your own words (paraphrase), you must cite the original source. This will allow your instructor, and any other reader, to locate the sources referenced in your assignment. A complete citation generally includes the author, title, publication date, page numbers and more depending on the citation style and the type of resource. 

Quick tips:

  • Know what citation style and edition your instructor requires (generally MLA or APA)
  • Compile citations as you go! This will make it a lot easier when it's time to format your Works Cited or References page. 
  • Generate citations on our website, but be sure to double check them!
  • View our Citing and Formatting Guide for more information and details on each style.