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Justice Administration

Research guide to assist justice administration students and faculty.

Data & Statistics


           2019 Report


Gender/Sexual Violence and Intimate Partner Violence

Crimes against the Elderly




  • Oklahoma Statistical Analysis Center  The mission of the Oklahoma Statistical Analysis Center is to collect, analyze, and publish criminal justice research and statistics to assist in ensuring the safety and security of the citizens of Oklahoma. 

                Data and Statistics


  • Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Registration Search Lookup

    Search for licensees by name, business name, DEA number, registration type, national provider number, status, license number, NCPDP Number, city and state.

  • Oklahoma Meth Registry Search

    Must have name and date of birth to search the directory. Maintained by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

  • Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Search

    Search by name, DOC number or county 1995 through present. Maintained by the Secretary of State.

  • Oklahoma Sex and Violent Offender Search

    Search by name, address, county, appearance, offense and map. Maintained by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

  • Oklahoma Department of Corrections Offender and inmate lookup and records and other data such as weekly counts. 

  • Indian Country Justice Statistics   The Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010 requires the Bureau of Justice Statistics to establish and implement a tribal data collection system and to support tribal participation in national records and information systems. 

  • Tribal Law Enforcement   Tribally operated law enforcement agencies provide a broad range of public safety services such as responding to calls for service, investigating crimes, enforcing traffic laws, executing arrest warrants, serving process, providing court security, and conducting search and rescue operations. 

  • Indian Country Crime  There are 573 federally recognized American Indian Tribes in the United States, and the FBI has federal law enforcement responsibility on nearly 200 Indian reservations. This federal jurisdiction is shared concurrently with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Justice Services (BIA-OJS).

  • Bureau of Justice Statistics: Local Police   

    More than 12,000 local police departments were operating in the United States during 2016. A local police department is a law enforcement agency, other than a sheriffs' office, that is operated by a unit of local government, such as a town, city, township, or county.