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Game Collection: Mad Scientist University

About Mad Scientist University

From the publisher:

Every mad scientist has to start somewhere, and many of them come through the hallowed halls of Mad Scientist University. Here, they learn essential skills like dry hand washing, maniacal laughter, and how to take over the world with an army of lawn gnomes.

In your introductory class, the Teaching Assistant asks the students to pitch their wildest ideas to complete an Insane Assignment like winning the presidential election or traveling to the center of the earth using Unstable Elements like marshmallows or squirrels.

Can you make a case for your explosive marshmallows or ninja attack squirrels? Find out in Mad Scientist University!

Thank you to Atlas Games for donating this game to our growing collection!

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How to Play

Game Details

Players 3 - 7
Playtime 45 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Skills/Mechanics Player judge, storytelling

Game Rules & Instructions