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HIST 3243: Writing and Research for Historians

Guide to assist students in HIST 3243 -Writing and Research for Historians.

The Explore RSU Libraries box is a great place to start your research. It searches all of the libraries' resources including books/ebooks, article databases, government publications and streaming video. There are some primary sources in the library collection that can be searched here. Watch this short video to learn how to use this feature. 

You can also search for scholarly articles through individual databases. The following databases are the most relevant for historical research. A full list of the libraries' databases can be find at the A-Z Database page.



D General World History (All Except North and South America) 
    DA  Great Britain (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
    DAW  Central Europe
    DB  Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia
    DC  France, Andorra, Monaco
    DD  Germany
    DE  Mediterranean, Greco-Roman World
    DF  Greece
    DG  Italy
    DH  Belgium, Luxemburg
    DJ  Netherlands (Holland)
    DK  Russia and former Soviet Republics, Poland
    DL  Northern Europe, Scandinavia
    DP  Spain, Portugal
    DQ  Switzerland
    DR  Balkan Peninsula
    DS  Asia
    DT  Africa
    DU  Oceania, Australia, New Zealand
    DX  Roma (Gypsies)

E History (General America and United States)
    184.5-185.98  African Americans
    186-199 Colonial History
    201-298 Revolution
    300-453 Revolution to Civil War
    456-655 Civil War
    660-738 Late Nineteenth Century
    740-837.7  Twentieth Century
    838-887 Late Twentieth Century, 1961-

F History (Local U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America)

    1-975 United States Local History
    691-705   Oklahoma
    1001-1140  Canada
    1201-3799  Latin America, South America