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Native American Studies

Resources to assist in the study of Native American Nations' art, culture and traditions.

Find a Book on the Shelves

To find a print book, first find the book's location and call number by searching for the title on our website. Most of our print books are located on the 3rd floor of the Stratton Taylor Library (STL), but you may also see books located on the 2nd floor and in the Pryor Stacks. 

Reading LC Call Numbers

  • LA - indicates the subject. Read in alphabetical order.
  • 2301 - indicates the topic. Read as a whole number.
  • .M37 - indicates the author's last name. Read in alphabetical order, then the number as a decimal. 
  • 2001 - year of publication. Read in chronological order. 

If you have trouble locating a book, ask for help at the front desk.

Browse the Shelves

Most books and other items in the library are organized by the Library of Congress Classification system. Native American studies is a multidisciplinary field so books can be found in several areas. Native American history and culture can be found in the E's and F's. Native American law can be found in the KF's. Art is in the N's and Native American languages are in the PM's.

Here are the subjects associated with specific call numbers, in case you'd like to browse. However, if you are looking for something specific, searching the library catalog is usually quicker.


E History (General America and United States)
    184.5-185.98  African Americans
    186-199 Colonial History
    201-298 Revolution
    300-453 Revolution to Civil War
    456-655 Civil War
    660-738 Late Nineteenth Century
    740-837.7  Twentieth Century
    838-887 Late Twentieth Century, 1961-

F History (Local U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America)

    1-975 United States Local History
    691-705   Oklahoma
    1001-1140  Canada
    1201-3799  Latin America, South America

KF Law of the United States

    1-9827   Federal law. Common and collective state law

    1201-1799   Law of Oklahoma

PM101-2711 American languages (Aboriginal)