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Nursing Research

Nursing Theory

Finding articles BY a theorist

Use the theorist's last name and first initial (and middle initial if know) in quotes in an Author search in the advanced search in CINAHL:

You can also click on any author from within an article record to do a search. You may get slightly different results, so it's often best to try both. If the author has a common name, add a keyword or phrase relating to the theory in the second search box.

Finding articles ABOUT a theory or theorist

Use the theorist's last name and the name of the theory (or keywords from the name of the theory) as your search terms.

If you get too many results, you can add "theory or model" in the third box.

Some of the more famous theories have official subject headings, which means you can click on the heading (from the article record--the page with the abstract) and do a search for the theory.

Finding general theory articles

Both CINAHL and Medline have a Subject Heading for "Nursing Theory", which covers articles introducing theories, testing theories, and comparing theories. These articles (and book chapters, etc.) include works by the authors of the theories and by others.

This list is just a few of the titles in the library collection on nursing theory.

Use these pages to get overviews and basic references for nursing and nursing-related theories. These are good resources to explore which theory you are interested in and to get a start on some references.