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First Year Experience: UNIV 1152

This guide is designed to introduce new students to RSU Libraries and the research process. The required library module for UNIV 1152 is also housed here.

Welcome to the Library Module for UNIV 1152! If you are enrolled in an in-person section of UNIV 1152, you will just need to complete the quiz at the bottom. Please feel free to review the activities and additional materials.


If you are in an online section of UNIV 1152, you will need to complete each of the following activities first, then the quiz at the bottom. 

  • First, complete the Library Mythbusters activity linked below to complete the first activity. 
  • Next, navigate to the SIFTing Through Online Information to complete the FakeOut game and tutorial.
  • Finally, take our quick quiz to test yourself and give us feedback! 

Library Mythbusters

Think you know what libraries are all about? You might be surprised! Please complete the Mythbusters activity here!

SIFTing Through Online Information

There is a LOT of information being published and shared across the internet. How do you know what's real or accurate? First, play the first round of the FakeOut! game using your instincts only and guess whether each social media story is true or false. 


Now we'll show you how to quickly determine if an online source is reliable or not using the acronym SIFT. Complete the tutorial here!


After you've finished the Library Mythbusters and SIFT activities, don't forget to complete the quiz for points! Remember to do your best, and be sure to save or email the Certificate of Completion at the end for your instructor if needed.

After you complete the quiz, you have completed the Library Module! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.