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Career Research

Prepare to put your best foot forward with potential employers!

Job Searching

To find job postings, visit the RSU Career Services excellent list of online job search sites. 

Job Hunting Tips 

  • Outline a list of the job titles, industries, and companies you are targeting. Keep your message to potential employers focussed.
  • Make sure your resume and cover letter are primed to successfully be reviewed by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Scan posted jobs for keywords (create a word-cloud by copying and pasting the job description to see what is used the most) and tailor your application to include them. 
  • Customize your resume and cover letter for every position. Don't just keep applying with the same information hoping you'll snag something. Be strategic.
  • Network; use the connections you made while you were/are here at RSU, reach out to the RSU Alumni Department, utilize LinkedIn, or reach out to those you have worked with at other jobs. Don't be afraid to contact these people. Remember to keep your messages short, but be gracious and keep it personal.
  • Have several Elevator Pitches ready to go when you meet people who could help you make career connections, during career fairs, or during your interviews.
  • Apply directly: Job search databases are great for exploring your options and seeing what's out there but try to avoid using them to complete applications. Go to the company/organization website to apply directly whenever possible.
  • Utilize Glassdoor to research pay trends and see what others have to say about the companies you are interested in working for. 

14 Job Hunting Tips to Get the Job You Want - November 2020