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Nursing Resources

General guide to assist nursing students and faculty at RSU.

Rural Nursing & Health

Associations & Organizations

  • National Library of Medicine Health Services Research: Rural Health

    The Rural Health page of the NLM Health Services Research website includes assistance searching NLM resources for rural health information as well as rural health news, data, and journals. It also includes information on rural health conferences and grant funding.

  • National Agricultural Library: Rural Public Health

    The National Agricultural Library is managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and provides information on agriculture and related sciences. The Rural Information Center contains resource information on rural public health for both citizens and physicians.

  • National Rural Health Resource Center

    The National Rural Health Resource Center maintains a library with resources that include webinars, presentations, articles, and toolkits which support rural health.

  • Rural Health Information Hub

    Acts as a gateway to information and resources for rural and community health. Information can be accessed by topic or by state.

  • Rural Health Research Gateway

    The Rural Health Research Gateway provides access to research publications produced by the Rural Health Research Centers. They also offer webinars on various rural health issues.

Rural Health Policy

  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services - Rural Health Center

    The Rural Health Clinics Center page provides links to resources related to Medicare and Medicaid billing policy for rural health providers. There are also links for coverage information, rural health research centers, and legislation.

  • National Advisory Committee on Rural Health and Human Services

    NACRHHS is a 21-member panel of experts on rural health that offer advice and guidance to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Their webpage includes meeting summaries and policy briefs related to rural health issues.

  • Rural Health Policy

    The Federal Office of Rural Health Policy is responsible for advising the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on the impact of federal healthcare policies on rural communities. Their webpage offers resources for rural health policy and funding opportunities.

  • Rural Policy Research Institute

    RUPRI focuses on research analysis on the challenges and needs facing rural health. Their website includes a library with documents and presentations that address topics such as health policy, indicators and trends, and state policy.



Rural Health 

  • Rural Healthy People 2020 Vol. 1

    Produced by Texas A&M University, this two-volume document provides an analysis of national data regarding rural health. With a focus on rural health priorities and disparities, it provides a look at a wide range of rural health issues such as access to healthcare, nutrition, and mental health.

  • Rural Healthy People 2020 Vol. 2

    This second volume contains literature reviews related to topics of importance in rural health, including cancer, immunizations, and family planning.

  • County Health Rankings & Roadmaps

    Find and compare counties based on key demographic, social, and economic indicators.

  • USDA Economic Research Service

    Locate county-level and state-level maps, as well as state fact sheets.

  • USDA Rural America at a Glance 2018

    National statistics about rural areas in the United States.