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Resources for research and information in biology.

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Search all books, ebooks, audibooks, and films in the Stratton Taylor Library's collection. 

Remember: when looking for physical books, many topics will be grouped together.  If you find one or two books on immigration, for example, often several other books on the topic of immigration will be in the same general area.

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If you can visit the library in person, shelf-browsing is an excellent way to find books on your topic.  Below is a basic guide to Library of Congress classification for biology.

  LC Classification for Biology

Subclass QH

 QH1-278.5                             Natural history (General)

QH1-(199.5)                                 General, Including nature conservation, geographical distribution

QH201-278.5                                Microscopy

QH301-705.5                          Biology (General)

QH359-425                                    Evolution

QH426-470                                    Genetics

QH471-489                                    Reproduction

QH501-531                                     Life

QH540-549.5                                  Ecology

QH573-671                                     Cytology

QH705-705.5                                  Economic biology


Subclass QK

QK1-989                                 Botany

QK1-474.5                                    General, Including geographical distribution

QK474.8-495                                Spermatophyta.  Phanerogams

QK494-494.5                                      Gymnosperms

QK495                                                Angiosperms

QK504-(638)                                 Cryptogams

QK640-(707)                                 Plant anatomy

QK710-899                                   Plant physiology

QK900-989                                   Plant ecology


Subclass QL 

QL1-991                                 Zoology

QL1-355                                       General, Including geographical distribution

QL360-599.82                               Invertebrates

QL461-599.82                                     Insects

QL605-739.8                                Chordates.  Vertebrates

QL614-639.8                                      Fishes

QL640-669.3                                      Reptiles and amphibians

QL671-699                                         Birds

QL700-739.8                                      Mammals

QL750-795                                   Animal behavior

QL791-795                                         Stories and anecdotes

QL799-799.5                                Morphology

QL801-950.9                                Anatomy

QL951-991                                   Embryology

Subclass QM 

QM1-695                                Human anatomy

QM1-511                                      General

QM531-549                                   Regional anatomy

QM550-577.8                                Human and comparative histology

QM601-695                                   Human embryology


Subclass QP 

QP1-(981)                              Physiology

QP1-345                                       General, including influence of the environment

QP351-495                                   Neurophysiology and neuropsychology

QP501-801                                   Animal biochemistry

QP(901)-(981)                              Experimental pharmacology


Subclass QR 

QR1-502                                 Microbiology

QR1-74.5                                     General

QR75-99.5                                    Bacteria

QR99.6-99.8                                 Cyanobacteria

QR100-130                                   Microbial ecology

QR171                                          Microorganisms in the animal body

QR180-189.5                                Immunology

QR355-502                                   Virology