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Information Literacy & Instruction

This guide provides information about the RSU Libraries' Instruction program.

RSU Libraries' Instruction Program

RSU Libraries' information literacy instruction program supports the mission of Rogers State University by providing students with the information literacy skills needed to successfully complete their course work. We aim to alleviate library anxiety which hinders many students from using the library effectively or asking for help. Our program includes course-specific instruction, customized research guides, one-on-one research assistance, and participation in the UNIV 1152 course. 

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Tiered Instruction

1000 Level

  • Introduction to library services & resources
  • Authority & credibility
  • Search demonstration with filters, Boolean operators, and basic keyword searching

2000 Level

  • Primary / Secondary sources and research
  • Differentiate between general and subject-specific databases
  • Using Google Scholar 
  • Understanding how to quote and paraphrase the original text correctly

3000/4000 Level

  • Evaluate sources based on relevancy to course assignment, the impact of the source (has it been cited by others?), the intended audience (Who is it written for? Is it too elementary or too technical?)
  • Determine which types of information sources are standard in the discipline 
  • Identify prominent authors and publications in the field
  • Searching in subject-specific databases


  • Collaborate with capstone faculty member on expectations and selected topics
  • Discuss the process of creating a literature review

Short Sessions 10-15mins

  • Building a bibliography
  • Using Inter-Library Loan (ILL) while conducting deep research
  • Evaluating sources 
  • Basic library overview


Ashley Bean
English & Humanities
Mathematics & Physical Sciences

Cecily Tubbs
Health Sciences
History & Political Science
Justice Studies

Kaitlin Crotty

Michelle Owens
Cameron Elementary Education
Fine Arts
Psychology & Sociology