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Using Artstor

Using Images in Papers

This page outlines how you can use Artstor images in papers, including:

  1. Downloading Images
  2. Citing Images
  3. Using Artstor's citation tool
  4. Viewing metadata for Artstor images

Downloading Images

If you have a registered Artstor Digital Library account you can download images. 

To download an image for a paper, login to your account, open the image from your search results. On the right side, click "download" and your image will download. Then you can copy and paste the image to a paper. 

How to Cite Images

Citing images can be tricky. The Library of Congress provides a great overview of how to cite images/primary source materials like paintings, photographs, and documents. Read more here:

Your university's librarians are a tremendous resource for learning how to cite images and other sources--reach out to them with further questions!

Citing Artstor Images

All images in Artstor Digital Library are accompanied by metadata--data about the images including things like title, date, and creator--which provides you with the details you need to cite images.

When you view an image in Artstor, the metadata will appear to the right of the image. You can use this information in the correct citation format to cite images for your paper or presentation. 

Artstor works with Zotero, a popular citation manager for Firefox. Read about using Zotero to index Artstor citations on our support site.