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Energy Resources

Energy resources

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If you can visit the library in person, shelf-browsing is an excellent way to find books on your topic.  Below is a basic guide to Library of Congress classification for energy resources.

LC Classification for Energy 

Subclass T 

T1-995                                 Technology (General)

T10.5-11.9                                   Communication of technical information

T11.95-12.5                                 Industrial directories

T55-55.3                                            Industrial safety.  Industrial accident prevention

T55.4-60.8                                   Industrial engineering.  Management engineering

T57-57.97                                          Applied mathematics.  Quantitative methods

T57.6-57.97                                             Operations research.  Systems analysis

T58.4                                                 Managerial control systems

T58.5-58.64                                       Information technology

T58.6-58.62                                       Management information systems

T58.7-58.8                                         Production capacity.  Manufacturing capacity

T59-59.2                                            Standardization

T59.5                                                 Automation

T59.7-59.77                                       Human engineering in industry.  Man-machine systems

T60-60.8                                            Work measurement.  Methods engineering

T61-173                                       Technical education.  Technical schools

T173.2-174.5                               Technological change

T175-178                                     Industrial research.  Research and development

T201-342                                     Patents.  Trademarks

T351-385                                     Mechanical drawing.  Engineering graphics

T391-995                                     Exhibitions.  Trade shows.  World's fairs 

Subclass TA 

TA1-2040                               Engineering (General).  Civil engineering (General)

TA164                                          Bioengineering

TA165                                          Engineering instruments, meters, etc.  Industrial instrumentation

TA166-167                                   Human engineering

TA168                                          Systems engineering

TA170-171                                   Environmental engineering

TA174                                          Engineering design

TA177.4-185                                Engineering economy

TA190-194                                   Management of engineering works

TA197-198                                   Engineering meteorology

TA213-215                                   Engineering machinery, tools, and implements

TA329-348                                   Engineering mathematics.  Engineering analysis

TA349-359                                   Mechanics of engineering.  Applied mechanics

TA401-492                                   Materials of engineering and construction.  Mechanics of materials

TA495                                          Disasters and engineering

TA501-625                                   Surveying

TA630-695                                   Structural engineering (General)

TA703-712                                   Engineering geology.  Rock mechanics.  Soil mechanics.Underground construction

TA715-787                                   Earthwork.  Foundations

TA800-820                                   Tunneling.  Tunnels

TA1001-1280                                Transportation engineering

TA2001-2040                                Plasma engineering.  Applied plasma dynamics 

Subclass TC 

TC1-978                                 Hydraulic engineering

TC160-181                                   Technical hydraulics

TC183-201                                   General preliminary operations.  Dredging.  Submarine building

TC203-380                                   Harbors and coast protective works.  Coastal engineering.

TC401-506                                   River, lake, and water-supply engineering (General)

TC530-537                                   River protective works.  Regulation.  Flood control

TC540-558                                   Dams.  Barrages

TC601-791                                   Canals and inland navigation.  Waterways

TC801-978                                   Irrigation engineering.  Reclamation of wasteland.  Drainage

TC1501-1800                          Ocean engineering 

Subclass TJ 

TJ1-1570                                Mechanical engineering and machinery

TJ163.13-163.25                          Power resources

TJ163.26-163.5                            Energy conservation

TJ170-179                                    Mechanics applied to machinery.  Dynamics

TJ181-210                                    Mechanical movements

TJ210.2-211.47                            Mechanical devices and figures.  Automata.  Ingenious mechanisms.

TJ212-225                                    Control engineering systems.  Automatic machinery (General)

TJ227-240                                    Machine design and drawing

TJ241-254.7                                 Machine construction (General)

TJ255-265                                    Heat engines

TJ266-267.5                                 Turbines.  Turbomachines (General)

TJ268-740                                    Steam engineering

TJ751-805                                    Miscellaneous motors and engines, Including gas, gasoline, diesel engines

TJ807-830                                    Renewable energy sources 

Subclass TK 

TK1-9971                               Electrical engineering.  Electronics.  Nuclear engineering

TK301-399                                   Electric meters

TK452-454.4                                Electric apparatus and materials.  Electric circuits.  Electric networks

TK1001-1841                                Production of electric energy or power.  Powerplants.  Central stations

TK2000-2891                                Dynamoelectric machinery and auxiliaries, Including generators, motors, transformers

TK2896-2985                                Production of electricity by direct energy conversion

TK3001-3521                                Distribution or transmission of electric power

TK4001-4102                                Applications of electric power

TK4125-4399                                Electric lighting

TK4601-4661                                Electric heating

TK7800-8360                                Electronics

TK9001-9401                                Nuclear engineering.  Atomic power

Subclass TN 

TN1-997                                 Mining engineering.  Metallurgy

TN263-271                                   Mineral deposits.  Metallic ore deposits.  Prospecting

TN275-325                                   Practical mining operations.  Safety measures

TN331-347                                   Mine transportation, haulage and hoisting.  Mining machinery

TN400-580                                   Ore deposits and mining of particular metals

TN600-799                                   Metallurgy

TN799.5-948                                Nonmetallic minerals

Subclass TP 

TP1-1185                               Chemical technology

TP155-156                                    Chemical engineering

TP200-248                                    Chemicals: Manufacture, use, etc.

TP248.13-248.65                          Biotechnology

TP250-261                                    Industrial electrochemistry

TP267.5-301                                 Explosives and pyrotechnics

TP315-360                                    Fuel

TP670-699                                    Oils, fats, and waxes

TP690-692.5                                       Petroleum refining.  Petroleum products

TP700-746                                    Illuminating industries (Nonelectric)

TP751-762                                    Gas industry