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Ecology and Environment

Ecology and environment

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If you can visit the library in person, shelf-browsing is an excellent way to find books on your topic.  Below is a basic guide to Library of Congress classification for ecology.


  LC Classification for Ecology

Subclass GF 

GF1‑900                                 Human ecology. 

GF51                                            Environmental influences on humans

GF75                                            Human influences on the environment

GF101‑127                                   Settlements

GF125                                                Cities.  Urban geography

GF127                                                Rural settlements.  Rural geography

GF500‑900                                   By region or country

Subclass QH

QH540-549.5                                Ecology 

Subclass QK

QK900-989                                   Plant ecology 

Subclass S 

S1-(972)                                 Agriculture (General)

S21-400.5                                     Documents and other collections

S403                                            Agricultural missions, voyages, etc.

S419-482                                      History

S530-559                                      Agricultural education

S539.5-542.3                                      Research.  Experimentation

S544-545.53                                       Agricultural extension work

S548-548.6                                         Historic farms

S560-571.5                                   Farm economics.  Farm management. 

S583-587.73                                 Agricultural chemistry.  Agricultural chemicals

S588.4-589.6                                Agricultural physics

S589.7                                         Agricultural ecology (General)

S589.75-589.76                            Agriculture and the environment

S589.8-589.87                              Plant growing media.  Potting soils

S590-599.9                                   Soils.  Soil science, Including soil surveys, soil chemistry, soil structure, soil-plant relationships

S600-600.7                                   Agricultural meteorology.  Crops and climate

S602.5-604.37                              Methods and systems of culture.  Cropping systems, Including fallowing, rotation of crops, plowing

S604.5-604.64                              Agricultural conservation

S604.8-621.5                                Melioration: Improvement, reclamation, fertilization, irrigation, etc., of lands

S605.5                                               Organic farming.  Organiculture

S606-621.5                                         Special classes of lands and reclamation methods, Including woodlands, burning of lands, deserts, saline

                                                                           environments, moors

S622-627                                      Soil conservation and protection

S631-667                                      Fertilizers and improvement of the soil

S671-760.5                                   Farm machinery and farm engineering

S770-790.3                                   Agricultural structures.  Farm buildings

S900-(972)                                   Conservation of natural resources, Including land conservation

 Subclass SB 

SB1-1110                                Plant culture

SB39                                            Horticultural voyages, etc.

SB71-87                                        History

SB107-109                                    Economic botany

SB109.7-111                                 Methods for special areas

Including cold regions, dry farming, tropical agriculture

SB112                                           Irrigation farming

SB113.2-118.46                            Seeds.  Seed technology

SB118.48-118.75                           Nurseries.  Nursery industry

SB119-124                                    Propagation

SB125                                           Training and pruning

SB126                                           Artificial light gardening

SB126.5-126.57                            Hydroponics.  Soilless agriculture

SB127                                           Forcing

SB128                                           Growth regulators

SB129-130                                    Harvesting, curing, storage

SB169-172.5                                 Tree crops

SB175-177                                    Food crops

SB183-317                                    Field crops

SB317.5-319.864                           Horticulture.  Horticultural crops

SB320-353.5                                 Vegetables

SB354-402                                    Fruit and fruit culture

SB381-386                                          Berries and small fruits

SB387-399                                          Grape culture.  Viticulture

SB401                                                 Nuts

SB403-450.87                               Flowers and flower culture.  Ornamental plants

SB406.7-406.83                                  Plant propagation

SB409-413                                          Culture of individual plants

SB414                                                 Forcing

SB414.6-417                                       Greenhouses and greenhouse culture

SB418-418.4                                       Container gardening

SB419-419.3                                       Indoor gardening and houseplants

SB419.5                                              Roof gardening.  Balcony gardening

SB421-439.8                                       Classes of plants

SB481-486                                    Parks and public reservations

Including theory, management, history

SB599-990.5                                 Pests and diseases

SB608                                                 Individual or types of plants or trees

SB610-615                                          Weeds, parasitic plants, etc.

SB617-618                                          Poisonous plants

SB621-795                                          Plant pathology

SB818-945                                          Economic entomology

SB950-990.5                                       Pest control and treatment of diseases.  Plant protection

SB950.9-970.4                                          Pesticides

SB973-973.5                                             Soil disinfection

SB974-978                                                Organic plant protection.  Biological control

SB979.5-985                                             Inspection.  Quarantine

SB992-998                                    Economic zoology applied to crops.  Agricultural zoology

Including animals injurious and beneficial to plants 

Subclass SD 

SD1-669.5                              Forestry

SD11-115                                      Documents

SD119                                          Voyages, etc.

SD131-247.5                                 History of forestry.  Forest conditions

SD250-363.3                                 Forestry education

SD388                                          Forestry machinery and engineering

SD388.5                                       Tools and implements

SD389                                          Forest roads

SD390-390.43                               Forest soils

SD390.5-390.7                              Forest meteorology.  Forest microclimatology

SD391-410.9                                 Sylviculture

SD411-428                                    Conservation and protection, Including forest influences, damage by elements, fires,forest reserves

SD430-(559)                                 Exploitation and utilization, Including timber trees, fuelwood, logging, transportation,valuation

SD561-669.5                                 Administration.  Policy