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If you can visit the library in person, shelf-browsing is an excellent way to find books on your topic.  Below is a basic guide to Library of Congress classification for oceanography.


LC Classification for Oceanography 

Subclass GC 

GC1‑1581                               Oceanography

GC63                                           Oceanographic expeditions

GC65‑78                                       Underwater exploration

GC83‑87.6                                    Submarine topography

GC96‑97.8                                    Estuarine oceanography

GC100‑103                                   Seawater

GC109‑149                                   Chemical oceanography

GC150‑182                                   Physical oceanography

GC151‑155                                         Density

GC160‑177                                         Temperature

GC177.6‑182                                      Optical oceanography

GC190‑190.5                                Ocean‑atmosphere interaction

GC200‑376                                   Dynamics of the ocean

GC205‑227                                         Waves

GC228.5‑228.6                                   Ocean circulation

GC229‑296.8                                      Currents

GC297‑299                                         Water masses and oceanic mixing

GC300‑376                                         Tides

GC377‑399                                   Marine sediments

GC401‑881                                   Oceanography.  By region

GC1000‑1023                                Marine resources.  Applied oceanography

GC1080‑1581                                Marine pollution.  Sea water pollution