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Image of older bound volumes of Harper's MagazineSearch all books, ebooks, audibooks, and films in the Stratton Taylor Library's collection. 

Remember: when looking for physical books, many topics will be grouped together.  If you find one or two books on immigration, for example, often several other books on the topic of immigration will be in the same general area.

Browse the Shelves

If you can visit the library in person, shelf-browsing is an excellent way to find books on your topic.  Below is a basic guide to Library of Congress classification for geology.


LC Classification for Geology

QE1-996.5 Geology
QE1-350.62 General
40-48 Study and Teaching
65-350.52 Geographical Divisions
70.5-258 America
72-182 United States
185-199 Canada
200-217 Latin America
220-229 West Indies, Carribbean Area
230-251 South America
260-287.8 Europe
289-319 Asia
320-339 Africa
340-349 Australia and Pacific Region
350 Antarctic Regions
350.2-350.22 Atlantic Ocean
350.4-350.42 Pacific Ocean
350.5-350.52 Indian Ocean
QE351-399.2 Mineralogy
367-369 Determinative Mineralogy
372-387 Descriptive Mineralogy
389-391 Special Groups of Minerals
392-394 Precious Stones
QE420-499 Petrology
443-456.5 Geographic Divisions
461-462 Igneous Rocks, Volcanic Ash, Tuff, etc.
471 Sedimentary Rocks, Sedimentology
475 Metamorphic Rocks, Metamorphism
QE500-639.5 Dynamic and Structural Geology
514-516 Geochemistry
517 Dynamic Geology
521-545 Volcanoes and Earthquakes
521.5-527 Volcanoes
531-545 Earthquakes, Seismology
565-566 Coral Islands and Reefs, Atolls
571-597 Sedimentation
598-600 Earth Movements, Mass Movements
601-613.5 Structural Geology
QE640-699 Stratigraphic Geology
654-674 Paleozoic
675-688 Mesozoic
690-699 Cenozoic
QE701-760 Paleontology
724-741.3 Straigraphic Divisions
743-760 Geographical Divisions
QE760.8-899 Paleozoology
767 Plankton
770-832 Invertebrates
771-797 Protozoa
798-799 Bryozoa, Polyzoa
801-814 Mollusca
815-832 Arthropoda
840.5-882 Chordata: Vertebrates
851-853 Fishes
861-862 Reptiles
867-868 Amphibians, Batrachia
871-872 Birds
881-882 Mammals
QE901-996.5 Paleobotany
914-932 Stratigraphic Divisions
934-950 Geographic Divisions
955-983 Systematic Divisions