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Learning Spanish

Resources to facilitate learning Spanish including books, movies, instructional DVDs, music, and online reference and information sites.

Online News

The following databases index articles and other materials that are specific to the humanities, literature, or Native American studies.   

Websites for learning Spanish

There are so many internet options for learning Spanish!  There are sites that are free and there are others that are only available for a fee.  The 4 websites listed below are free and are good places to go for additional help in learning Spanish.

YouTube sites for learning Spanish

Although there are many, many YouTube sites offering Spanish lessons, these 2 are my personal favorites.

Podcasts for learning Spanish

Here are 2 podcasts that are free and good places to go for additional help in listening to Spanish spoken in different situations.

LA COMIDA RICA - great food!!

Although some think that eating spicy food will help with learning Spanish, it is a great way to celebrate each advance you make in your Spanish language education!