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Statistical Abstract of the United States: Quick Start

Statistical Abstract of the United States Online

Viewing tables

mousover to see a quick image of the table

To quickly view a table, simply mouse over the magnifying glass to the left of the table title.











Information for each table

 table image

To view the entire table, from the search results, click on the title in the results list.


At the top of the table are links to the spreadsheet with the data, and the Source document PDF (which brings up the section PDF).


Note the table shows selected years of data, due to the constraints of the printed page, while the spreadsheet (image in box below) can show many more years. The notation of content in italics below the title will describe that addtional content in brief, i.e. NOTE: XLS spreadsheet shows...





Under the table you can see the index terms that were assigned to the table.   



Below the index terms, you can see the information about the publication, and under that you can see the source and two citation styles.















The Spreadsheet

spreadsheet image

Clicking on the XLS link just under the table title will download the spreadsheet with the data. 


Depending on the complexity of the table, there may be multiple links back to the original data source(s).


Note the spreadsheet can show a lot more years of data than the table (above) as it isn't constrained by the size of the printed page.